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of Optical Transceivers

Eoptera is the leading manufacture of high speed
for 25G, 100G and 400G applications.

100G QSFP28

Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable portfolio offers customers a wide variety of high-density and low-power 100G connectivity for data center, cloud networks. QSFP28 is a new generation of 100G transceivers.

100G CFPx

CFP, CFP2, CFP4, CFP8 defines optical transceiver form factors to enable 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s, 400G (CFP8) applications. Pluggable CFPx module support high bandwidth requirements of data communications.


25G SFP28

SFP28 Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28. It is the third generation of the SFP interconnect systems designed for 25G performance per the IEEE 802.3by specification.


200G / 400G QSFP-DD

Electrical interfaces will employ eight lanes that operate up to 25 Gbps NRZ modulation or 50 Gbps PAM4 modulation, providing solutions up to 200 Gbps or 400 Gbps aggregate. QSFP-DD can enable up to 14.4 Tbps aggregate bandwidth in a 1U switch slot.



OSFP is a new pluggable form factor with eight high speed electrical lanes that will initially support 400 Gbps (8x50G). It is slightly wider and deeper than the QSFP but it still supports 32 OSFP ports per 1U front panel, enabling 12.8 Tbps per 1U switch lot.


Eoptera provides optical and electronic engineering services. We welcome any inquiry for customized optical and electronic solutions for optical transceiver industry, including silicon photonics transceivers.

Why Choose Eoptera?

Don't Pay More

We match the best market volume price for high speed optical transceiver, without  compromising quality or reliability. Trust Eoptera as your partner to help you meet your datacenter and network needs.

Technology Innovator

Eoptera continuously develops and invests in new products, R&D, automatic production lines to be ahead of its competitors and prove its market leadership as the best OEM/ODM partner for you.

Trusted Partner

At this highest level, Eoptera is seen by our customers as a long-term partner whose contributions, products, insights, processes, etc. are viewed as key for their data-centers and networks grows.


We listen, we discuss, we advise. We love nothing more than working on your project. We care about our clients and can often be found working out of hours to get everything ‘just right’!

Broad Product Portfolio

Eoptera offers a broad portfolio of high speed optical transceivers to support your growing bandwidth demand of next generation networks & data-centers.

Support Expert

We support our customers with any troubleshooting and customized design both for FW&HW.

About Us

Eoptera is a technology leader in Asia for high speed optical transceiver design and production. Our world-class transceivers enable high-speed voice, video and data communications in world TOP datacenters, cloud, storage, wireless and network applications. For more than 10 years, we have created breakthroughs in optical transceiver technology and supplied system equipment manufacturers with the production volumes needed to meet the exploding demand for network bandwidth. Eoptera products include high speed optical transceivers 28G, 100G, 200G, 400G data rate with different form-factor: SFP28, QSFP28, CFP, CFP2, CFP4, QSFP-DD, OSFP. For more details, please, contact with us.


Data Center

The data center market requires access to a broad portfolio of high speed fiber optic modules to connect servers, switches and storage. Eoptera provides the lowest cost and lower power connectivity product family for data-center needs. No matter what you need MM or SM connection we are here to offer you total quality solution within your budget limits. The products span from 28G, 40G and 100G Ethernet up 80km distance in form factors such as SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28 and CFP/CFP2/CFP4. New models for 200G/400G QSFP-DD, OSFP are under development. Eoptera can handle sudden big orders demand that often required by rapid datacenter grows. Relying on Eoptera will help you to build quality and reliable services for your cloud and datacenter business.

Enterprise & Transport

Rapidly growing traffic for wireless backhaul or wired ISP providers require continues network update to meet high speed traffic demand. Eoptera is a new coming leader in this industry that provides most reliable and quality 25G (28G), 40G (56G), 100G (112G) transceiver portfolio for high speed applications, not matter of your network size or equipment type, Ethernet Switch, Router or NIC cards. Eoptera’s technology vertical allow us successfully serve Tier 1/2 operators all over the world. We welcome all potential customers to visit our facility in China, Chengdu – heart of transceiver industry, that will prove you that we deserve to be your long-term transceiver partner you can rely on.

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There are many good reasons to work for Eoptera: we not only offer first-class career opportunities and development options – but also attach great importance to a healthy working climate. We would like to have you come to work with joy. We want our employees to be healthy and be able to combine their private life and career. A fair salary and attractive perks are self-evident for us. In order for you to further your career, we offer trainings, feedback and different career paths for your individual career development. Please contact with us for more details.

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